Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Make Me A Cover Model

Hi Everyone!

If you haven't heard I have been selected out of 1,000 other applicants as one of 25 semi-finalists in Fourpoints Magazine Make Me A Cover Model contest! If you follow the link below you can cast your vote!

You are able to vote up to 100 times per day but you must log on and off your internet connection or computer.

If selected I will appear on the cover of Fourpoints and have a featured story in the magazine!

Thanks for all your support!


P.S. Miss Ohio Outstanding Teen contestant Kelsey Barrett is also in the running! Make sure to cast your vote for her too!

Monday, April 18, 2011

"You Always Made Us Look Good...Because You Did the Dumb Stuff"

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all have been doing well! I have been staying busy with class projects, work and events but squeezed in a little time to blog about some exciting things I had the opportunity to do this past week.

I was invited awhile back to speak at the Ohio FCCLA State Conference. I have been a part of the organization since the eighth grade and it holds a special place in my heart. It is also an integral piece of my platform, "Creating Strong Leaders for Tomorrow". Before I had the chance to speak however, I was contacted by Ms. Pam Huston from the Ohio Department of Education. She stated that she would be featuring me and the two other keynote speakers, Kent Boyd, Ohio FCCLA Alumni and 1st runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance, and Joel Penton, OSU Football Player and recipient of the Wuerffel Trophy in a web-based article. Here is the resulting article.

Friday, I made my way down to the Ohio State Fairgrounds and again found myself in familiar territory, among thousands of students furthering their leadership abilities. I presented my speech on my leadership journey and encouraged students to always think outside the box, challenge themselves and innovate and to never be realistic. One of the fatal flaws of leadership is to accept average performance or mediocre ideas, it is required of us to push boundaries. The students response was great and I hope I ignited some desire in them to create more for themselves. Here is a clip from Joel's presentation of the crowd I got to speak to!

I had a great time getting to interact with the students afterwards and am looking forward to working more with the organization on creating leadership development modules for classrooms to use for years to come!

I will keep everyone posted on new events and information on www.twitter.com/MissMansfield20

For the time being I am focused on my last few weeks of school and graduation! Pray for warmer temperatures and have a great Easter and Passover!

Peace, Love and Happiness

Ashley Warholic

P.S. The title for this blog comes from my friend, Leo Almeida; who served with me on the Ohio State Executive Council when I was a freshman in high school. Leo was referring to my spunky spirit on the stage, in workshops and in breakout sessions when we worked together. I was known and still am thought of as the, "fearless one" and was always recruited to make a fool out of myself, specifically lip sync on stage while dressing in the STRANGEST outfits. But, what can I say, I do love to make people laugh!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Winning Combination

Hi Everyone!

I have a few spare moments today so I figured I would fill everyone in on what I have been up to for the past few weeks, besides enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunshine!

First of all, and probably the most time consuming of all, I was hired at Dillard's Department Store at SouthPark Mall in Strongsville. I have been working about 30+ hours a week in addition to going to class, finishing homework assignments, meeting with the several organizations I am involved in and more. It has been a little overwhelming in addition to the Miss Ohio prep, platform work and trying to maintain a bit of a social life but I have been hanging in there! I work in the Accessories Department helping customers find handbags, jewelry or watches. The people I work with are great and I have learned a lot, not only about sales and our merchandise but, about people in general. I really enjoy the position and it's not too bad for my bank account either!

In addition to my job I have also, slowly and steadily, begun gearing up for Miss Ohio. I had new advertisement photographs taken at the Renaissance Theatre on my only day off over Spring Break and headshot photographs taken a few days, and a haircut, later! I really love them and working again with Crystal Jo Holt from Crystal Jo Foto and Chris Johannsen Miller from The Open Shutter was great! I had a fantastic time and I think the pictures came out really well!

Also, I was asked by Ohio FCCLA to help judge some National Programs for the State Conference coming up in April. I drove down to Columbus last Wednesday to assist them in the process and helped select the winners for the Student Body National Program. Student Body national peer education program focuses on eating right, being fit and making healthy choices. A former Family and Consumer Sciences Education teacher and I learned about middle school and high school students that had helped raise awareness for this cause in their elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. They educated students on making healthy choices, like saying "no" to drugs, how to eat right and select nutritious foods and how exercise can be fun and healthy! It was so great to see the change that these students were creating and I think we selected three really great winners, although the competition was fierce! In addition, the other judges and myself made our own impact that day. Typically, the score sheets and comments are not given back to the students or teachers making it difficult for students to see how their projects were lacking. The other judges and I felt it important that the feedback be given back to the students in order for them to improve and better make corrections in the future. A simple change that will undoubtedly yield some great results!

In other news, I have made a large change to my future plans and decided not to go to graduate school right away. I had filled out the applications, received letters of recommendation, paid the fees, the whole nine yards however, after my first interview I knew I wasn't ready... just yet. I love Higher Education and believe that Student Affairs is where I will end up in time but I need more experiences in other fields as well in order to make such a large commitment. This definitely changes my plans for the next few months however, although, it is terrifying, not having a rock solid plan, I am confident in my abilities and in God, and for this situation I think that's a winning combination.

I have tons of events coming up including Miss Ohio Forum, Ohio FCCLA State Conference, my last finals week and Graduation. I am so excited for all the opportunities in the next few weeks and I promise to share more soon!


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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Cubes in the Toilet

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone has stayed safe and warm these past few days! The weather has allowed me a chance to cross off some important tasks on my to-do list including, updating everyone on what I have been up to for the past few months! (Also, the key to a snow day is ice cubes in the toilet according to one of my favorite friends, Miss Lauren Beard!)

In August, I began my senior year at Baldwin-Wallace College. I had a schedule full of capstone and honors courses, internships and leadership positions to keep me extremely busy for my first few months back. I organized sorority recruitment for Alpha Phi this September, was the Co-President of the Buzz Ambassadors Program in the Admission Office and interned in the Student Life Center helping research peer mentor programs and creating leadership materials for organizations across campus. In addition, I made the decision in the summer to pursue a master's degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education and was beginning the long process of applying to graduate schools.

However, although my days were busy I felt like I was missing something and that, I realized, was the Miss Ohio Program. So, in between my 22nd birthday and final exam week I competed in my hometown pageant, Miss Mansfield. I dug out my swimsuit shoes, dusted off the gowns and brushed up on my interview facts and was shocked when my name was called as Miss Mansfield. Miss Mansfield was the first local pageant I ever competed in and it has always been my dream to represent the place I came from at Miss Ohio! The Sunday after the pageant I met with press and my new local directors then packed up to start my final exams (I finished on the Dean's List!).

In December, I continued working on my applications to graduate school in addition to spending time with my family and celebrating the holiday season. I also volunteered at Toy Time, a local organization that donates thousands of toys to families that are in need. It was great to help an organization that provides so many children with a happy Christmas that they potentially would not have had otherwise. I also had to opportunity to be Santa's little helper at the Dial-A-Santa event arranged by Graham's Auto Mall in Mansfield. Children from all over the Mansfield area and beyond dialed in to talk to the big man himself and his elves. I had the best time listening to all the unique wishes and requests!

Miss America this year was so exciting! Miss Ohio, Becky Minger was a resident of the Warholic Inn her first year at Miss Ohio and since then has always been one of our favorites to cheer for! My family and I kept careful watch during the week of Miss America and thought Becky looked stunning and sounded beautiful and intelligent throughout all of the week's events. We were shocked and saddened when Becky did not make the final cut however could not have been more proud of all her accomplishments. We are truly blessed to have Becky in our lives and believe she embodies all the ideals of the Miss America Program. In addition, I believe that the new Miss America, former Miss Nebraska, Teresa Scanlon will be a great representative for the organization and I am so excited to see her throughout her reign.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event sponsored by the Kiwanis Club to raise funds for the Friendly House in Mansfield. The event was entitled, "Talkin' with the Tribe" and hosted Matt Underwood from Sports Time Ohio and Bob DiBiasio, Public Relations Executive of the Cleveland Indians. All the attendees enjoyed ballpark food and conversation on one of our favorite teams. My mom and dad both attended with me and between the three of us we managed to win a T-shirt from the raffle, an autographed Travis Haffner jersey that was auctioned off and the 50/50 raffle, we donated the proceeds of the 50/50 raffle back to the Friendly House and all the money from the auction was given to the organization as well! After the festivities had settled down I had the opportunity to speak with Baldwin-Wallace Alumna, Matt Underwood and shared some fun stories about B-W then and now. Later that evening, I had the honor of sharing dinner with seven other students at Baldwin-Wallace College President, Dick Durst's home. We had a lovely evening getting to know each other and discussing after graduation plans. The only rule President Durst gave us for the evening was completing the statement, "If I were President of Baldwin-Wallace I would ..." All of the guests offered his or her small changes to the campus and President Durst was willing and excited to hear all of our advice. He also stated that many of the changes that occurred on campus had began at the table we were sitting at, from students like us. It was a special experience that I will forever cherish.

Now, I am working on fundraising for the Children's Miracle Network, gearing up for judging and speaking for the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America organization and meeting with local students! Also, I am beginning to hear from graduate school programs and must begin interviewing for each school, in addition to finishing my last semester at Baldwin-Wallace!

Below I have included a few photos from over the months!

Stay bundled up and safe!

Peace, love and happiness,

Crowning Moment

Press Day with Little Miss Snowflake

Dial-A-Santa Event with Sister Queen, Heather Waterman

With the organizers of Toy Time!

Only SOME of the toys that were donated to families in need!

Miss America Watch Party!
(Me, Ashlee, Mom and Colleen)

Matt Underwood and I at, "Talkin' with the Tribe" Event

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate Only Love Can Do That"

Hi Everyone!

I promise to update everyone soon on what I have been up to these past few months (trust me I've been busy hence the lack of blogging.) but first I wanted to share a great experience I had yesterday evening.

Last night, Baldwin-Wallace College hosted Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey on campus. Mayor Booker was invited to speak on ethical leadership in addition to the dream and realities of Martin Luther King Jr. However, what Mayor Booker presented was so much more than a lecture and reflection.

Booker began by describing his childhood, parents and the obstacles his family had to overcome. He then seamlessly started to reflect on Martin Luther King Jr.'s dreams and the lessons we must all take away from MLK's short yet impressive life.

Personally, Martin Luther King Jr. has always been of interest to me. I can vividly remember a day in the second grade when I brought my Encarta Encyclopedia on CD-ROM disc into class and played a clip of MLK delivering his, "I Have a Dream," speech. I was in total awe of his powerful words but confused about his obvious message. As a second grader from a small town in the heart of Ohio I had never experienced any race issues. From my perspective, this was a problem of the past, Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery and, I would definitely have no problem joining hands with anyone! However, as I grew I began to witness the tremendous divide the history of race relations in this country had created for the present and future. Although we, as a nation, have made great strides toward equality for all races and ethnicities we are still a long distance from the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had envisioned.

Mayor Booker shared and reflected on one of King's poignant quotes, "history will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." He stated again, " not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." This statement immediately created a connection for me. Throughout my diversity training and mediating as an Orientation Leader we discussed, "What Would You Do," after watching clips from the identically titled ABC show. The most common question we would ask was, "does silence condone the behavior?" Now, it was almost like Martin Luther King Jr. and Cory Booker were my facilitators and they were asking me, "what is your silence doing to create a solution to the problem?" So many of us believe we know what is right and wrong and what we should do in situations. However, we falter when it comes to our actions. Do we stand up to someone who is doing something we don't agree with or do we merely turn a blind eye? Mayor Booker poked fun at all of the armchair politicians that watch the news and get so fired up that they yell and scream at the TV and pump their fists but when it comes to making actual change do little. Change comes from action.

My favorite point that Mayor Booker made was that it is the day to day kindness and love that creates change and makes a difference. By doing good deeds and spreading kindness each day we will create a more conscientious world that strives to do better for all citizens. Booker also stated that what we see around us is what we are made of. It is easy to see darkness and despair but that means inside we are equally depressed. However, if we look upon our world with hope and ambition we will be able to create possibilities meaning our souls are just as beautiful and courageous. In order for our world to become a better place we must look beyond ourselves and our needs and focus on the people, places and things around us.

Mayor Booker was a huge inspiration to me and I hope my interpretation of his words ignite a flame of activism in you as well. I look forward to making a difference in the people and places around me and I hope you will do the same.

I want to leave you with an African quote that Mayor Booker relayed to us that specifically stood out to me, "When spiderwebs unite they can tie-up a lion." Although we may be a small part to a large problem with action and some help we can create huge changes.

More updates soon!


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Why Is This Happening?"

Hi Everyone!

It's already July? Sure there were fireworks and the temperature did increase to a sweltering ninety degrees but still....doesn't really feel like July. Maybe my mind is stuck in June because it was so out-of-control amazing!

First things first, Miss Ohio week:

As always Miss Ohio week was a great experience! I remember, as a volunteer, hearing that the contestants had a great time making new friends and building skills that they would need for life. However, I always wondered if they were just feeding me a large portion of bologna. Now, I can say that I know for sure they were being truly honest. The friendships that I made last year at Miss Ohio strengthened, new friendships formed and the support from other contestants was overwhelming throughout our time in Mansfield. This group of women were wonderful with extraordinary goals and aspirations; every single one was an inspiration. I had a great week personally as well. I was confident with my interview, felt strong and proud in swimsuit (I ran over 100 miles from May to June!), believed I was beautiful and poised in evening gown, articulate in my on-stage question and graceful during talent. I preformed to the best of my ability and I was really comfortable with the competition portion of the week. Before I knew it, all the preliminaries were complete and all of us were lining up to finish up Friday night's show, little did I know this was merely the beginning of my night! I walked away with five scholarship awards Friday night!!! YAHHHOOOO!!! The winnings were totally unexpected (by the third award I was shouting, "why is this happening to me?!") but I was thrilled to say the least! I was the recipient of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Style Award, Mina O'Guinn Award, Americanism Essay Award, Miss Ohio Community Service Award and for the second year, The Children's Miracle Network Miracle Maker Award. All of these scholarships totaled up to $1,900! On finals night I was excited to see great girls announced into the Top Ten and thrilled to have such an outstanding Top Five. I was c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y taken back when I won the non-finalist interview award making my overall scholarship total $3,400!! Overall I had such a great time with my favorite girls and won a ton of scholarship money! I am so excited for Miss Ohio 2011, Becky Minger, a former resident of the Warholic home and my Alpha Phi sister! I know that she will be a great representative for Ohio and delegate at Miss America! She deserves every bit of this success! By the way, just to make things clear those girls were definitely not feeding me a ton of bologna.

Next up, Orientation Training and First B-W Summer Orientation:
I was lucky enough to be selected, out of around 80 applicants, as a Baldwin-Wallace Summer Orientation Leader with 15 other students. I left for Berea the Tuesday after Miss Ohio to start "training" and had the best time ever getting to know the other orientation leaders. It was absolutely amazing to see a group of people so diverse and unique come together and be the best of friends. We got to play Whirly Ball, which I suggest everyone try at least once, learn more about Baldwin-Wallace and improve teamwork, communication and other life skills. We concluded with our first summer orientation. All of us got to meet around 200 of B-W's new, incoming students. I cannot wait for the next orientation and for the class of 2014 to be completely welcomed onto campus!

Then, The Continental Cup:
Caitlin Sutter, my friend and sorority sister, is one of the summer interns for The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and asked me months ago to attend the Continental Cup: International Soccer Tournament. She asked me to bring some pictures and myself and just be ready to sign some autographs and enjoy the opening ceremonies. However, this event was SO much more! I arrived to see tons of kids and young adults running around in their soccer jerseys and lots of vendors. 3,400 kids and their families from all over the world were at John Carroll University participating in this huge soccer tournament. I met kids from Italy, Canada, Barbados, India, Boston, Baltimore and a thousand more places (including Wadsworth where they knew my cousin, Connor and Iowa where they knew my friend from high school, Trisha!) and they all wanted my autograph (I promise I am not exaggerating, these kids thought I was SO cool!) We took pictures, I signed autographs and we talked about which Silly Bandz were the best. I had such a wonderful time and I am really grateful to have been invited to such a fun and unique event!

Next, The Ontario Fourth of July Festival:
I have been attending this festival since it's revival several years ago. There is nothing like being home with your good friends, enjoying some fair food, summertime and Independence Day and this year I was invited to participate in the festivities! Laura Russell, Miss Mansfield and Miss North Central Executive Director and Ontario Fourth of July Festival Committee Member, asked me to be involved in the parade and a short autograph signing at the festival. I obviously accepted and was really excited to see some of my favorite friends from Miss Ohio week and hometown friends and fans! Meggie Wittman, Sarah Hider, Amber Bussa, Heather Wells, Marissa Bucheit, Miss Ohio 2011, Becky Minger, Miss Ontario, Jess Burdette and I had a blast playing some games and winning Zac Efron posters! The day finished with some of the best fireworks I have ever seen and a bowl of homemade ice cream! Perfect ending to a fabulous Fourth of July!

I will be working for the rest of the summer completing a few more summer orientations and the Weekend of Welcome as an Orientation Leader along with babysitting my favorite eleven year old, Lauren. Also, I will be preparing for Alpha Phi recruitment in the fall since I was elected Vice President of Recruitment in the spring. In addition, I will be getting ready for my final year at Baldwin-Wallace and planning for the future, which is the most bittersweet experience ever.

I am really excited for the upcoming year but am also so blessed to have had the opportunities I have had this past year.

Thank You's:
All of my accomplishments this year would not have been possible without these people: Lynda David, the most giving and fun woman I know! Sylvia and Harvey Jensen, the best executive directors! Phyllis Zahn and Ann Brown, the best chaperone and home hostess! The Jacubik's, what would I do without the support of the Hooty-Hoot Club? Emily and Lora Pheils, I will always appreciate your support, thanks Mom! Abby, Ally, Chris and Shelly, you made my week so enjoyable, relaxing and fun! I can't wait for Abby to take me to West Virginia! Nanci Kenith, that style award is thanks to you and your hoop earring selection! Rachel Foore, for helping me so much and being a huge support! FCCLA, the Berea Children's Home and all the other organizations I have worked with over the year, I am so appreciative of your support and your causes! Mr. Buker and family, Dr. Kathy Conderato, Salon Vivace and Bridal and Formalwear by Bee, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! All the volunteers at Miss Ohio week, you made the week an amazing experience and I am so thankful for all your hard work! Toni Shaum, Lindsey Ward, Nicole Carlone, Sarah Spiker, Ashlee Frazee, Scott Sika (I have a button with your name on it!) and all the other friends and family that came to support me, thank you for being the best fan club ever! To all the others I know I have forgotten, thank you, I am truly blessed to have you in my life and all that you have done is appreciated! And above all else, my family! Mom, Dad and David your opinions are invaluable, your support is unmatched and your love, faith and belief in me is unwavering and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation for that.

Enjoy the sunshine and (although I am getting tired of hearing about it too) keep your fingers crossed that Lebron stays at home.

Peace, Love and Happiness

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello Everyone!

So, contrary to the title of this new addition I am not at a total loss for words....
or (after sitting here for a solid ten minutes) maybe I am...

Although Miss Ohio is quickly approaching (2 days left to go!) and last minute errands are slowly becoming full day adventures and quiet thoughts of, "Do these shoes really 'go'?" become tearful online searches and frantic trips to every shoe store in a 5 county radius, I still cannot make myself turn out the light and fall asleep (currently it's 2:50 am and I have to rise at 6 am...crazy, I know). However, this BP Oil Spill has me all kinds of fired up! Whatever your view on the disaster I believe everyone agrees it is just that, a terrible (scratch that)...monumental, disaster.

After spending an entire semester, almost solely, devoted to sustainability and environmental learning, after contributing community service for environmental issues for 7 days, from 9 am to 5pm, on the Delaware Seashore with 12 other students, after merely being a citizen of this planet I find it absolutely disgusting that 17647 barrels of oil are pumping out of control into our ocean...everyday.

This disaster is so upsetting because not only did it kill 11 people but it is also affecting immeasurable amounts of wildlife animals and plants and the end to the destruction cannot even be estimated.

Although difficult to find how we, as mid-westerners, can contribute to this problem I urge everyone to become more informed about the products you use in your home(http://www.theredwhiteandgreen.com/2010/05/05/oh-the-irony-dawn-saves-wildlife-with-oil-based-dish-soap/ Did you know that a former board member of BP was also, simultaneously, a board member of Dawn? Or that, although BP markets its product as eco-friendly it's actually created from petro (aka: oil).), the produce you purchase at the store and the daily activities you engage in contribute to the destruction of the environment. Simply learning more about products, foods and activities can help make a small impact on the planet and help us all move towards a guaranteed future. Consider, knowledge and a better understanding, as a gift to the land that we have taken so much from and hurt in so many ways.

See you soon!

P.S. It's now 3:52.